Kenn met with Lee, an introductory permit holder, at 5.30am on the morning of Tuesday the 1st of November. Due to shift patterns, the three days chosen weren’t the best tide-wise, however on the first day shots were taken, some measure of success were obtained.

Wednesday the 2nd was to be a busier day, as in addition to Lee, a couple of new permit holders wanted to visit and be accompanied by someone who knew the area. Fortunately, Paul Scott offered to take a day off work to help. Again, an early start saw us decoying the high tide in the pig farm point area, with Paul and Kenn setting things up and sitting back as armed observers!

As usual, the first hour and a half after high tide saw the action and wigeon were picked. Not be outdone, Paul pulled off an excellent shot at a high Teal which had escaped the notice of the three decoyers! The evening flight saw us at the bottom (South) end on Harvey’s and the Chair. Again, shots were taken but no success.

The final day saw us start at Harvey’s and the Chair before being washed off and walking around to the point. Despite the lousy weather and the birds being reluctant to fly we again had opportunities. The evening flight was taken at the North end but the only chance of shots was at invisible Teal; no non toxic was hurled at these.

All in all, the three days must be considered a success. Lee went off back to Cumberland clutching a pair of application forms for the remainder of the season so he and his mate expect to get back before the end of the month. More satisfied customers!