The shoot took part at Highlaws on Sunday 27th October 2013. Proper Autumn weather, passing heavy showers with a cool wind that made some of the targets interesting. 9 guns took part, 8 participating in both competitions. Each competition was a 30 bird event.

IMG_3420_5x7 IMG_3421_5x7 IMG_3423_5x7 IMG_3424_5x7 IMG_3426_5x7 IMG_3427_5x7 IMG_3428_5x7 IMG_3435_5x7 IMG_3445_5x7 IMG_3452_5x7 IMG_3465_5x7 IMG_3477_5x7 IMG_3484_5x7 IMG_3485_5x7 IMG_3487_5x7 IMG_3493_5x7 IMG_3500_5x7 IMG_3505_5x7 IMG_3508_5x7 IMG_3523_5x7 IMG_3539_5x7 IMG_3574_5x7 IMG_3576_5x7 IMG_3577_5x7

Winner of the Steve Smith competition was Ian McGeorge with 25 hits.

Winner of the Sir John Craster Side by Side competition was George Ashcroft with 26 hits.

Well done to both.